At Top Shelf Logistics we will handle any segment, mode, plant location, or lane of your transportation program. We work within any mode, whether it is truckload, LTL, or intermodal. Our cost effective methods will save money within your supply line and team.

Lead Logistics Provider

As the logistics provider actively executing your spirits transportation function, we deliver real value while delivering best in class service. When we assume this outsourced role we can become responsible for customer service, shipping coordination, load capacities, rate negotiations, load tenders, shipping tracking, and much more. We assume the risks of managing your transportation program so that you can focus on your business. All the while providing you with transparency and timely information.

We Deliver Value

Our broad product shipping vertical is the food and beverage vertical with an emphasis on beer, wine and spirits. We can handle your finished goods, as well as returns. We can deliver your other inbound needs such as glass, packaging, raw materials from one pallet to truckload. We also transport retail items, clothing, shoes, building products, and many other goods. If we can provide an opportunity for saving you freight dollars or create value then we will transport it. Our mission is to improve your bottom line and create a real competitive advantage in your supply chain.

Successful Freight Transportation

Top Shelf Logistics has over 25 years’ experience and we work with customers to bring tried and true concepts and processes to deliver customized and unique solutions. We provide our customers with reliable and safe carriers who meet Federal regulations and have the highest quality standards. Using our expertise we obtain all freight and equipment capacity agreements so that they are mutually beneficial. We will enhance your industry reputation by employing our Top Shelf team by improving on time service, multi-modal product offerings, and reliable capacity commitment. At Top Shelf Logistics we are dedicated to building trustful, long term relationships with our customers.Allow us to create a customized transportation solution for your business to produce a competitive edge and reduce costs by positively affecting your supply chain through our flexible freight management systems. See our Refer Services page for more information or call us today at (209) 627-3101.