Let the less than truckload specialists at Top Shelf Logistics find the least cost and service appropriate carrier for your specific needs. We utilize over 50 LTL carriers throughout North America. Whether a single shipment or complete ongoing program we will provide a broad range of national, regional, local and specialized carriers that meet your supply chain solution needs. We will simplify your process, save you time and money, and provide premier track and trace service. If you are looking for a trusted 3PL provider for your LTL services look no further than Top Shelf Logistics.


At Top Shelf Logistics we are passionate about truckload services, delivering reliable on-time service through long term relationships that support low cost carrier routing, dedicated fleet options, dry vans, flat beds, heavy haul, temperature-controlled, and of course cross border solutions. As your 3PL provider we will bring a reliable and regulatory compliant diverse portfolio of carriers. We’ll commit to capacity and fixed rates. We’ll bring uniformity through our proven operational processes.


Over the past 10 years shipping via the railroad networks has become a reliable lower cost alternative to traditional truck. Whether on standard 53’boxes or 40’containers where available; this mode of transportation is more secure, flexible, and cost-effective than ever when compared to truck-only shipments. At Top Shelf Logistics we deliver top quality intermodal service directly via railroads, IMC’s and asset providers to contour to our customers supply chain needs whenever possible. Call a Top Shelf Load Coordinator today to schedule all your intermodal needs as part of your multi-modal supply chain strategy.

Multi-Modal Optimization:

At Top Shelf Logistics building a long-term, successful relationship with our carriers and customers is just one of our top priorities. Our single minded efforts to assist our customers with best in class logistics services include mode optimization services that allow options that move standard LTL into volume discounted or consolidated multi-stop loads. Or moving traditional truckloads to intermodal and even choices between 53’ intermodal and less expensive 40’ ocean boxes. We will always search for the most cost efficient method to ship your product based on your service criteria.

Port Operations:

Top Shelf Logistics is interested in assisting with any Port services required. Import or Export related, a critical part in every customers supply chain is the fast and efficient recovery of freight from or to ocean vessels and piers. Time is critical, we’ll expedite any shipment drayage, off-loading, cross docking and tie into a seamless integrated warehouse and / or transportation solution. Call us today!


Perhaps your supply chain requires forward inventory in strategic areas or seasonal warehousing. Tell us what your needs are and we will go to our North American network and procure exactly what type of space and services you require. No problem with special needs such as organic, bonded and always secure warehousing. We will establish any integrated services you may need including but not limited to; cross docking, hand stacking, consolidation, re-palletizing, rework shifted loads, shrink wrap, full inventory tracking and picking. Call an agent today (209) 627-3100 and let Top Shelf provide you a value-added warehousing solutions.


When time is of the essence; knowing where your freight is located and when it will arrive is critical. We utilize team service, guaranteed services, and critical care carriers to meet your last minute needs. The experts at Top Shelf Logistics have the capabilities of safely, and reliably delivering on time performance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Top Shelf Logistics will handle your most time sensitive requirements. Give us a call today at (209) 627-3100 and see for yourself why our motto is “Solutions Service Success.”

Freight Management:

This product offering is where Top Shelf Logistics manages a segment, mode, plant location or lane of your transportation program. We perform as your Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) within any mode; LTL, Truckload, Intermodal, wherever we can deliver value maintaining required service levels, along with hard and/or soft cost savings within your supply chain network and team. Collaboratively utilizing our TMS, we assume the role of an outsourced traffic department; responsible for customer service and shipping department coordination, capacity procurement, rate negotiation, load tenders, track and trace, etc. Call us today and ask us to help you understand how Top Shelf Logistics can assume more of the risks and all of the headaches managing any part of your transportation program.


Are you in need of streamlining your multi-modal North American transport networks to drive efficiencies and service levels that properly align with your business strategy? Ask the experts at Top Shelf Logistics to provide their unique market knowledge, technology tools and process services to produce supply chain solutions that will deliver consistent long term value, allowing you to focus on your company’s core competencies. Collaboratively we will discuss and listen to your specific challenges to identify where the opportunities lie to close gaps. Top Shelf Logistics is a process driven operations based company which actively assists in any implementation and then manages ongoing post-operations ensuring success.